Articles by Nancy M. Williams, Founding Editor at Grand Piano Passion™

Nancy M. Williams is an award-winning writer and ardent amateur pianist. She performs in amateur concerts despite a genetic hearing loss, and in 2012 she debuted in recital at Carnegie Hall. She serves on the board of the Hearing Health Foundation.

Deserting the Piano: A Personal Essay

The author imagines a piano in her home as a sulking, poisonous guest. Although the piano used to be her passion, she has not touched the keys in 25 years. »


Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude Amplified

An in-depth look at the Chopin Raindrop Prelude, with its repeated A-flats and tempo rubato, offering multiple perspectives on technique and interpretation. »

Appoggiaturas and Donating Stem Cells

Emily Sun, mother and pianist, needs stem cell donation from an Asian donor to survive; the author, playing Schubert's appoggiaturas, realizes how to help. »

Hearing Health Affirmations

Do you have a hearing loss? Learn about how hearing health affirmations, positive declarations you make to yourself, can supplement traditional medicine. »

Piano Demon by Brendan I. Koerner

Top 5 on Piano Practice

From an article endorsing slow piano practice to a long form piece on a jazz artist, Grand Piano Passion™ recommends the Top 5 pieces on piano practice. »

Welcome to Grand Piano Passion™

Photo by Frank Schramm. Welcome to GRAND PIANO PASSION™. Two years ago, wanting to write about how reclaiming the piano had transformed my life, I launched a blog, calling it REFLECTIONS ON A GRAND PA... »

Brahms Intermezzo in B-flat Minor Amplified

Rabbi David Posner, amateur pianist, plays the Brahms Intermezzo B-flat Minor: a video, his story and insight from a music masters student at Mills College. »


A Senior Rabbi Finding Time to Practice Piano

Rabbi David Posner was hired by his New York City Temple at young age. Finding time to practice piano was also crucial, so he devised a creative solution. »

Becoming Them: An Article about Piano Music

James Wood complains when his father listens to classical records, until the author falls crushingly for Beethoven, in this article about piano music. »


Stamping Out Perfectionism in Adult Piano Lessons

Students of adult piano lessons can be paralyzed by the thought of striking a wrong note. Catherine Shefski advises on how to stamp out this perfectionism. »


A Piano Teacher Reclaims the Piano

After a long hiatus from the piano, teacher Catherine Shefski resolved to find her way back by recording classical piano music, one piece a week for a year. »

How to find a good piano teacher

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher: Making the Decision

In this final article on how to find a good piano teacher, I describe how to make your decision after you take trial lessons from a short list of teachers. »

Taking trial piano lessons with a new piano teacher.

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher: Taking Trial Lessons

This second of three articles on how to find a piano teacher describes how to take trial lessons, from setting them up to evaluating the fit with teachers. »

How to find a good piano teacher

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher: Getting Started

To get started finding a piano teacher for adult piano lessons, first establish your teacher's desired characteristics and then network to find candidates. »

2013 New Year’s Resolutions pour le Piano

2013 New Year’s Resolutions pour le Piano

For 2013, I am making five important New Year’s resolutions for my piano study. 1) Concentrate on studying with my new piano teacher. During the late autumn of 2012, I embarked on a two-month se... »

A Reckoning of My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

A Reckoning of My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

One of my top goals for 2012 on the piano was not to forget the rapture.  As the first step in setting my 2013 New Year’s resolutions for the piano, I have examined how well I did meeting this N... »

The Gift of Mercy Mild

The Gift of Mercy Mild

A personal essay by Nancy M. Williams about how the memory of her father teaching her the words to "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" helped her find mercy. »

A Fresh Approach Amidst Piano Competitions for Adults

A Fresh Approach Amidst Piano Competitions for Adults

Read about how The Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition, one of many piano competitions for adults, judges contestants on basis of submitted CD. »

The Gift of O Holy Night

The Gift of O Holy Night

Barry Alexander sings O Holy Night. The first time I heard Barry Alexander sing was in a master class on performance I took from him and Cosmo Buono, a concert pianist. In the class were five amateur ... »


Reliving our Own Time with Voices of Light

In an interview about Voices of Light, composer Richard Einhorn explains the story behind each section of the oratorio, interspersed with MP3s to listen to. »

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