Performing amateur pianists


Giving Back at the Cadillac Hotel

Ria Carlo, a recording pianist, decides to give back by playing a free concert in the Tenderloin district, and finds an enthusiastic, appreciative audience. »

The Solace of Classical Piano Music

The Solace of Classical Piano Music

In this interview, amateur pianist Ria Carlo discusses her CD, playing lesser-known composers like Samuel Barber, and recording on a Yamaha S4 grand piano. »

Mark Cannon plays Sonata #9

An Independent Streak in Piano Study

Mark Cannon, a psychiatrist by profession, takes an unconventional approach to piano study, preferring to work independently and take lessons occasionally. »

Giving a Voice to Amateurs

Giving a Voice to Amateurs

By day Alberto De Salas works as a business analyst in New York City, but on evenings and weekends, he transforms into the founder of the Amateur Classical Musicians Association (ACMA). In anticipatio... »


Adult Piano Lessons Always Come Back to the Notes

Amateur pianist Glenn Kramer talks about his early piano teachers, his experience competing in Paris, and his community for students of adult piano lessons. »

How an Astrophysicist Got to Carnegie Hall

How an Astrophysicist Got to Carnegie Hall

In April, I watched Ria Dawn Carlo, an astrophysicist, perform Lizst’s Un Sospiro at Carnegie’s Weill Recital Hall. As the 2010 First Prize winner in the Amateur Division of the Bradshaw &... »

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